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I’m too lazy to cook vegetables so I use green powder instead

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I’ve been known to try some pretty weird experimentation with my diet in the past. A few years ago I went full on with Soylent, the liquid meal that replaces all solid food meals. Re-reading that last sentence and especially reading the “solid food meals” part out loud makes me feel like either a robot trying to be human or someone living in a dystopian future, but I digress. I also tried another alternative Huel, but in the end both options seemed to taste like either old rice or oatmeal. Eventually I would eat one meal (solid) a day to supplement this, which was a pre-made Freshly meal. You see I’m very lazy and thought that I could eliminate cooking altogether, especially after I had already outsourced my laundry to the local full service laundromat. 

Since then I’ve since become a bit less extreme, but am self aware that I still don’t cook enough, and when I do there are not enough greens or vegetables involved. Not to sound like one of those new age health gurus, but there are so many health problems that can stem from vitamin and mineral deficiency! Poor sleep quality, low energy, acne, low sex drive, all these things can be related to an improper diet. So clearly I didn’t start putting more energy into cooking vegetables, I found a shortcut. Enter green vegetable powder.

What is green vegetable powder? Well the idea is that you take a bunch of healthy greens that have a lot of healthy vitamins, dry it and do some manufacturing magic, and voila you know have a multivitamin in powder form. You add it to a glass of water or orange juice and drink it. Does it taste good? Absolutely not, why would that taste good? It generally tastes acceptable, after some practice. These types of powders generally have a lot of probiotics in them as well, which can be good for gut health. I sometimes take some collagen with it as this also helps with gut health, with the bonus of making your skin look nice.

Worth mentioning: obviously you’re better off eating a perfect diet every day. I am not perfect, and this seems to be a lot better than doing nothing. 

WARNING: I’ve learned from researching that this type of food, and health food in general, is all over the internet with tons and tons of reviews. What does this mean? It means that it’s an affiliate heavy market, AKA, if you buy it through one of the websites reviewing it the company will pay them a percent of the sale. Why are there some products that have so much more of this than others? Simple, some companies pay more than others. This is why you see websites with “reviews” where the conclusion is always to buy the same product. I want to mention that I am writing this before my website even has any affiliate links (before I get corrupted). 

The two products I have tried and liked are Athletic Green’s AG1 and Green Vibrance. Performance wise they both measure up quite similarly! I am not going to list all of the vitamins and minerals, but they both have the main ones and similar probiotics. I can honestly say that I actually do feel a bit more energized and balanced when I take one of these every day. Sometimes I get in a rut where I want to exercise more but feel too tired, and I feel tired because I’m not exercising and eating well. I think getting my nutrition back on track gets me back on track with all the other things I’m trying to do. 

Here’s a deep dive on the nutrition from both manufacturers:

Green Vibrance: Supplement Facts

Image Credit: Green Vibrance

Athletic Green’s AG1: Supplement Facts

Image Credit: Athletic Greens

If money is of no concern, I think that Athletic greens is a little better. Why? Purely taste. That first sip of sustenance you get in the morning is noticeably better in my opinion. It has a bit of a pleasant sweet taste that I can’t put my finger on, whereas the Green Vibrance has an earthier taste to it. The reason I mention money is because the subscription is $79.00, but the shipping is not free. So after tax and shipping it’s actually $92.94. As someone already paying for a gym I don’t even use and 19 different streaming platforms I couldn’t justify it. The $79 becomes $149 if you get two, so slightly better. How about Green Vibrance? $48 for one month, $79.20 for 60 servings, and $95 for 83(not a typo) servings. No subscription is required for Green Vibrance. Of course I’m also getting free shipping here since I buy through Amazon. I get that not all companies want to use Amazon, but having an extra NINE DOLLAR of shipping every month just kind of pissed me off. If you get AG1 and buy two months at a time the shipping is at least a flat fee.

So which is better, Athletic Greens or Green Vibrance?

Adjusting for value, Green Vibrance is definitely the better option, but not taking cost into consideration I would say that Athletic Greens is the best. They have similar nutrient and probiotic profiles, but Athletic Greens tastes much better. You can try and mask the taste by blending with something such as orange juice instead, but for some people this may run counter to their nutrition goals due to the added sugar. I find that I don’t need to add orange just to the athletic greens due to the better taste.

I ended up getting Athletic Greens for a few months and then switched to Green Vibrance. I can even continue using the awesome container and scoop that I got from Athletic Greens in an act of treachery every morning! I add Orange juice to make it taste better, and try to mix it very well to break up the powder. Using a blender of some sort that is easy to clean is a good move here, or something like a blender bottle. If you’re up for it try both and see which you prefer, because the best option is the one that you will keep using. 

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