65" R646

Holiday deal alert: 65″ TCL R646 for $599.99

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12/9/2022 Update: BestBuy still has the lowest price, but now it’s $699 instead of $599.

Update: This sale went live before Thanksgiving but as of 11/28 it’s still available

The 65″ R646, which I reviewed here, is one of my favorite TVs to snag a deal on. It’s not OLED, but with its mini LED display, it’s solidly a high mid-tier TV. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, deals are already popping up online which can save you from an annoying trip to the store after the holidays.

I got this TV in September for $799, but right now at Best Buy you can snag this model for $599.99. With an MSRP of $999, this is a steal. Of course, there is a newer model with that same MSRP, hence this deal.

The 65″ R646, with Google TV
Image Credit: TCL.com

Last year’s model?

I love buying last year’s models of products to save money. What are you missing by buying this over the newer model? TCL’s R655 comes with the Roku OS, whereas the 646 uses Google’s more feature-rich, but slightly more complicated OS. The R655 also has more dimming zones. If you’re already deep into the Roku TV ecosystem, using Roku speakers and/or soundbars, you won’t be able to use those accessories with a Google TV.

How is it?

With these things said, I’m constantly amazed at the video quality on my R646. The HDR brings content to life in a way I hadn’t experienced on a TV I’ve owned before, and the colors look great too. My apartment is officially the place where friends gather for movie night now. In the past, I always bought budget TVs, as more premium TVs never seemed worth it to me. This was the first premium TV I bought, and it’s been great.

For a more comprehensive review, check out my hands-on review here. I have no regrets, except that I didn’t wait for a better deal like this one. It is also possible that a better deal could pop up in the coming days/weeks, but this is a very good price.

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