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Open Spaces rack as set up in my apartment
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Open Spaces entryway rack review (the one on TikTok) and a dupe

Over the last few months I’ve been making improvements to my space with new furniture, and even some furniture hacks. One thing that was lacking were pieces that are more for the aesthetics of the space Every once in a while there is a piece of furniture that blows up online and Tik Tok especially,…

"Good Enough" text next to image of iPad
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PSA: New iPad Pro folio cases will fit your 2018 iPad Pro, sort of

I bought my iPad 11” iPad Pro (1st generation 11″) in 2018, and it still feels like a brand-new device for all intents and purposes. These things are built to last in a way that isn’t quite true with iPhones since the much larger iPad batteries seem to have more longevity than their tiny siblings….

Dermalogica VS Simple, both expelling gel

Dermalogica Special Cleanser VS Special Kind to Skin (dupe)

Dermalogica’s Special cleanser has been described using words such as “iconic,” which is perhaps a bit exaggerated, but not too far off. When I first started trying to actually care for my skin, this was one of the products that really helped clear it up. Having a proper face wash that you can use year-round…

A Sonicare Prestige
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Electric sonic VS manual brushes: here’s what I use

Sonic toothbrushes are one of those things that sounded excessive to me until I tried it. Unfortunately, I am afflicted with weak teeth, and cavities come to me all too easily. My dentist peer pressured me into getting a sonic electric brush, and it made a huge difference in the overall health of my mouth….

Close up a of a receiver and record player
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Soundbars VS speakers: here’s why I went retro analog with my TV

Consumers have finally realized that TVs on their own have terrible sound. As our TVs get keep getting flatter, the built-in speakers have to keep shrinking in order to keep up. This also means that the built-ins run up against simple physics, there’s just no way to make the sound good without using up more…

TCL R646 Review: I ignored Reddit and old reviews and I love it
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TCL R646 Review: I ignored Reddit and old reviews and I love it

11/23 Update: This TV (65″) is currently on sale for $599 at Best Buy. Have you ever had a piece of technology that seemed amazing, but suddenly seems outdated and old after a few years? This is exactly what happened to me with the last TV that I bought in 2017. It seemed great at…

Cover photo showing headphones supplies and tools
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Ears or head hurting from headphones? I fixed these dupes with earpads

If you’ve come here there’s a good chance you have a big head like me. However, some headphones will hurt your head even if you don’t have a big head! You can have headphones that aren’t too tight, but if the earpad sizing is off it can put pressure on your ears, which is really…