Hydropeak next to Hydro Flask, both with straw top

This dupe water bottle is half the cost of a Hydro Flask

I got my HydraPeak a few years ago and didn’t realize that they were a whole thing. It was just a water bottle but everyone kept asking me about it. It turns out that everyone thought it was a Hydro Flask, which is basically the same thing but costs double. The HydraPeak is actually a great dupe and I consider it and the Hydro Flask interchangeable after having owned both.

A random assortment of colors available for the HydraPeaks
Image credit: Hydrapeak.com
A few of the colors that are available

What’s so great about them?

It’s basically just a stainless steel insulated bottle. Ever use a Thermos? Exact same idea, but in a stylish water bottle. The other thing I love about it is the straw top. There are a few tops available, but the straw top allows for you to take a sip just by flipping up the mouthpiece. With most water bottles you generally have to unscrew the top, which if you ever drive a car or carry multiple things then I’m sure you’ve had that moment of panic where you’re not sure if you’re going to drop everything and be covered in water or not.

Why I love them

I’m not sure why they got so popular, and I don’t want to be another millennial who just complains about those darn Gen Z’ers and what they like. So instead I gave them a try, and I do see the appeal. These got super popular during the pandemic when we had nothing to do except think all day. So of course we started looking inwards, and when you’re hanging around home all day you really have no excuse to not drink enough water. For me, having a giant container of water makes this much easier to meet my daily water needs. Doubly so if you’re going out and about with your bottle.

The color options are fun, and the spacious bottle exterior gives plenty of space to express yourself further using stickers or other decorations. Part of the reason I think the Hydro Flask got so popular is that it can be a bit of a statement accessory.

Most important for some is how long these will keep your water cold! I’m talking leave it in your car all day by accident and grabbing it at night and it is still cold. For me, there’s nothing less refreshing than a hot sip of water when you need it most. I know some people are big on room temperature water, but for me, I still love my water ice cold.

What’s the best size?

Both types of flasks come in the following sizes: 24oz, 32oz, and 40oz. I find the 32-ounce to be the perfect in-between size, as it will hold four 8oz servings (half a days worth of water!). Beware that it won’t really fit in your cupholder in most cars, but you can easily have it on its side somewhere.

32oz Flow Bottle (wide mouth): $24.99

A blue 32oz HydraPeak with straw top
Image credit: Hydrapeak.com

32oz Chug Bottle (wide mouth): $24.95

A pink 32oz HydraPeak with Chug top
Image credit: Hydrapeak.com

Here are the tops

The tops are mostly interchangeable with a few exceptions, which gives a lot of flexibility if you don’t want to commit to one type of top. If you want two tops for your bottle you can buy these separately.

Straw Top: Fits all 22oz | 32oz | 40oz (does not fit Dash bottles):


The straw lid, which can be purchased separately
Image credit: Hydrapeak.com
Inner straws shown below the top are used so
that you can sip without tipping the bottle

I have the most experience with this type of top, and it’s my favorite but also has the most issues. One of the big issues with these is teeth marks. I thought this was a Hydropeak thing, but it turns out that Hydro Flasks have this issue too. Additionally, they tend to get a bit smelly over time. You can delay this with frequent cleaning, as well as removing the inner gasket and soaking it in vinegar from time to time. However, I find that after about a year and a half it might be worth replacing. I have experienced this with both a Hydro Flask and a Hydropeak.

Chug Lid: Fits all 22oz | 32oz | 40oz | 67oz(does not fit Dash bottles): $9.99

The Chug lid, which can be purchased separately
Image credit: Hydrapeak.com

This top has a larger carrying handle, making lugging it around the city easier. The only downside is that the Hydro Flask has a larger carrying handle compared to this. Since there is no inner straw, you drink this by tipping it like you would any other bottle. The top is attached so you don’t have to worry about losing it.


I love dupe items like this, where the cost is significantly less but the quality hasn’t suffered. I think these are perfect as a cheap gift, especially if it is for someone who is a little less in the know about the trends of the day or that you know doesn’t care about that stuff.

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