Briotech vs Tower 28 SOS spray

This toner for sensitive skin is way cheaper than Tower 28’s

Tower 28’s SOS spray has been really popular for the last couple of years to help out with sensitive or irritated skin. This has been especially helpful during the pandemic, as people who may never have had skin irritation problems suddenly were due to wearing masks. However, it turns out that there is an alternative that is cheaper, and actually came out first!

The “alternative” spray is from Briotech. I see that their listing is from 2015, whereas Tower 28 was founded in 2019. I actually like Tower 28 a lot! They make really good products, but for this specific product, the Briotech is identical and costs much less.

a variety of bottle sizes from Briotech
Image credit: Briotech

What are these types of sprays good for?

Think of them as a toner you can use on your face every day that will keep your skin calm and fresh. The whole purpose of a toner is to refresh your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture, which these are perfect for. They can also be used as an occasional treatment for those with less irritated skin.

Check out this before and after from Tower 28’s website:

a before and after, a woman who had severe blemishes on her face and after when it is cleared up, purportedly from the Tower 28 spray.
Image credit: Tower28beauty

They both have the same three ingredients:

  • Water
  • Sodium Chloride (salt)
  • Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is found in your white blood cells, which helps to fight and defend your body from bacteria and inflammation. The HOCl signals your body to repair and heal irritated skin.

It’s super refreshing after a shower or face wash, especially since there are no fragrances or irritants in them. I use it every day after washing my face, as well as after I shave.

Here is how the pricing stacks up:

Briotech Pricing:

Pricing from BriotechUSA

Tower 28 SOS Pricing:

Pricing from Tower 28

If you glance at the prices quickly they seem similar, but look at the differences in size!

Here is how the prices match up per ounce:

  • Briotech: $2.87 per oz for the 8 oz. size, and $1.39 per ounce for the 32 oz. size.
  • Tower 28: $7 per ounce with the 4oz. size, and $4 per ounce for the 16 oz size.

I actually get the 8 oz. even though the 32 oz. is a much better deal. It still lasts for months and I don’t have lots of extra space to store liquids. However, the pricing is way better on the larger size.

The spray that people think is a dupe but is the original:

The secret ingredient here is hypochlorous acid, which is found naturally in your body. What it does is help defend against inflammation and bacteria.

Since my skin is very sensitive, something like this helps to keep it under control and prevent flare-ups.

I also appreciate the multitudes of sizes available. You can get a liter of it! If you really want to save money just use an old bottle or a nice glass one and refill as needed.

  • Cheap
  • Great for rosacea
  • Also great for excema
  • Works well as a toner
  • Helps with Acne
  • PH balanced
  • None really, bottle could be nicer but is best if decanted

If getting one of the larger bottles, consider getting a glass sprayer to put it in. That way instead of a white bottle you can have something like this:

A clear glass spray bottle
Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash


Skincare prices can get really out of control quickly, and before you know it you’re spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetics for not even large quantities. What I love about this find is that the Briotech comes both cheap and in generous sizes, significantly keeping my skincare costs down. I still like Tower 28 and think that overall their prices are very reasonable. For those with very irritated skin, they may want to check out Tower 28’s accompanying serum. But for the toner spray, it’s a no contest with Briotech winning.

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